val blogging = true

November 10, 2014

I have something I want to express; time to blog up. So, tooling: what to use these days?

  • I am completely addicted to org-mode. The syntax org uses is kind of a markdown variant. It has become my native written English “dialect.” So, blogging in org syntax is a major goal. Org has excellent export capabilities. Perhaps exporting will not even come into play but it is a nice fallback to have in store.
  • When architecting, I love to use static content as much as possible so a static site generator seems like the right type of machinery to choose for blogging.
  • I’m all about that open source so GitHub is in the picture. GitHub uses Jekyll to host static pages.

So, Plan A is: org to Octopress to Jekyll, with Octostrap to make it pretty via Bootstratp. Here, Bootstrap is dailed in to look a lot like GitHub. So, that is Octopress looking like Github via Bootstrap. Let’s call it… octopussy in deference to Oxley’s original intent, more on that later.