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1 Introduction

SeattleSpeeds is a joint project between M-Labs and Open Seattle for the City of Seattle. Much like, say, the web app performs speed tests of network performance. The novelty is that the information is collected by the City of Seattle and plotted on a map as a civic resource. The source code and the data are open source.


The code is being developed and deployed by the City of Seattle first, yet it is a goal for the codebase to be easily redeployed for other localities.

2 Project dashboard

3 Documents authored by John Tigue

4 Project email list

(The mailing list is very quite these days.)

There is a fully public mailing list:

Anyone can join (signing up for getting emails), anyone can post (send a group email). Note: the list is fully public with a searchable archive.

5 Historical

Note: this project was originally named SEANetMap ("SEA" for Seattle's airport code). The name SEANetMap is just something I came up with spontaneously on the spot when we needed a name for the repostitory on GitHub.

Author: John Tigue

Created: 2016-01-26 Tue 19:25